visuel artist - art performance - lighting designer - speaker




1987 -  23 Visual artist in stage design – Light Designer , Montrouge (Paris Suburban town)

1986 - 17 Full professor at the National Higher Education School  for Applied Arts and                                  Craftsmanship art skills – Oliver de Serres – Paris 75015.

2004 - 17 Founder of a light education course at the ENSAAMA school, the « Light Workshop-           fablight, in partnership with the « Philips » lighting department, Paris.

1984 - 94  Lecturer at the Design Department of the Compiègne Technology University

1992 - 96  Intervener at The School of Design of the Loire province, Nantes.

1979 - 85 Design visual artist at the ENFI Design Group in Paris (75016)

1974 - 78 French army volunteer – teacher at the National Tunisian Higher Education Technical School  of Tunis (Tunisia)  

1974   Mechanical electricity engineer diploma at the  ESME Sudria Engineer school in Paris.

1966   Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the « Fine Arts » school of  Metz (France)





Town of Issy-les-Moulineaux : construction of new urban scenery for the whole town 1994,95,96 /// Paris Airport – ADP 1995 – Airport terminals scenery /// Lighting scenery of a Coliseum in Lahore – Golden Jubilee- Pakistan 1996 /// L96/97//Lighning scenery for the Year end celebrations – town of Versailles- 96/97/// The year 2000 light celebration fair – 27 towns of the Hauts-de-Seine district/// Lighting scenery of the Boulogne Billancourt town hall in 2002 – Year end celebrations 2002/2003 /// Creation of a ballet show with light and danse ; presentation in Paris, Tunis and Lyons/// Light celebration fair in Lyons// Ambulatory Light fair in Libourne, 2008 /// Lightning scenery of the Libourne town hall with the partnership of the Camondo and Olivier de Serres schools /// Light scenery of the headquarters of the European Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OCDE) Paris , 2010/// Creation of a research group in partnership with the Philips Lighting Department dedicated to the new lightning developments, 2005-2017 ///  2013-2014 light sculpture over the dialogue between religions, town of Deauville ; A0 postponed /// Conflans-Sainte-Honorine town hall, 2013, creation of the first « lit flags » on the Conflans Seine River waterfront/// 2014  stage performance creation « danse and lighting » with 17 students at the Nanterre theater /// 2015 Creation and animated lighting of a monumental sculpture for the « Renaissance » private hotel, Paris 2016 /// 2016 Creation of a lighting scenery of the Leuze castle with support from the Rilov Foundation /// 2016 Art installation and exhibition of large frame works of the Town hall of Montrouge/// 2017 Sculptures and Art installations in the ST Hervé property – Lorient/// 2018 solo show St Hervé cultural center Hennebont /// 2018 speaker Hangzou China /// 2021/22 monumental litghting sculpture center town Montrouge





Achievements for institutions – Artist residencies


//// Night of June 24, 2000 – Achievement of a lighting fair (funded by the Board of elected district administrators of the Hauts de Seine district, over 27 district towns) with the label of the « Celebration year 2000 mission of the French Ministry of Culture ». Creation of a luminous object called « modulum », and distributed to the audience, as well as costumes for the dancers, and a choreography tought in the 27 towns, each town defining its own geographical path.///2004-2015 Founder and head in charge of the « ENSAAMA Light workshop », 75015. For over 10 years, the students of art schools in Paris have been tought about light, its evolution with new sources, the environmental demands, Man’s new behaviors, especially in urban contexts. Teaching is based on practise, thanks to equipment provided by our sponsor « PHILIPS LIGHTING ». Teaching is also provided on out of school locations, like at the « Lyons Light Fair », etc – with theoretical modules and lectures. The « Light workshop » has been labelled by the « International light year » sponsor group in 2015.

124 students took part in the workshop//// 2008 town of Libourne : on December 21, creation of a light parade across town and of a light danse on the Surchamp downtown square, with the « actilum » dansers and costumes and luminous  musicians to arouse the public. Live video animation with the public, with real-time wide screen transmission on the square////

2004-2015 Teaching of plastic expression. It allowed me to offer the students « crossed practises » optimizing simultaneous skills learning (danse/drawing – body language, movement, drawing- fabric/movement/drawing, etc..). In this respect the way to do it matters more than the result : the founding factor is an acting student’s discovery and appropriation of a new field of skills. That enlarged work inspires and boosts through its playful, practical and exciting features. Thoses exercises may apply to other audiences than art students. They call for a personal dedication independently from his/her « talent »///

//// 2014 Creation of a performance show « Survival cloaks » featuring 18 students using « movements/contemporary danse and light ». This work was born from the available autonomy thanks to LED light sources, namely the on-board light and its handling by the dancers. The work was enriched with the cooperation with the research center of the Fabrics Design Workshop. A video is available on the net :